How to Integrate Bitrix24 CRM with Facebook Messenger easily

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Marni Melrose
February 13, 2018
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Currently the only CRM that integrates with Facebook Messenger is Bitrix24, however soon, Hubspot will as well, I don't know of any others but I am sure they are out there. Let me know if you find one and I'll look into it. (Full disclosure I am a Bitrix24 reseller & a Hubspot Sales Solution Partner, so if you want to assistance with either, let me know, and I'll be glad to help.)

In the Facebook Live video that I did above, you can see an example of it all in action. I have to give a shout out to Aykut for agreeing to show his information in this video. What a guy!

What I like most about the Bitrix24 Integration is that it steps you along so nicely towards closing the sale.

In this image, you can see how it goes from Facebook Messenger into the Bitrix Open Channel and then into Leads and on to Contacts and Deals.

Setting it up is really quite simple I am going to step you through it here, but for a more in-depth training on each option, see the Bitrix24 training in my Academy.

  1. Go to Open Channels in Bitrix24 CRM; if you don't have it yet, you can get the free version here.
  2. Click on Create Open Channel
  3. Name your open channel and then select your sources for the Channel. I like to use Facebook, Facebook Comments, and Instagram, but other options are also available.
  4. Determine your Submission Routing, working time preferences, configure your actions, Language preferences
  5. Connect your communication channels

Once you have your open channel set up a new lead will be created in the system if they don't already exist. (Unless you don't have the leads system turned on. In that case, it will just create a contact.)

You'll find your open conversations under Chats and Calls. What I really like about this is that it makes your life easier by splitting out into statuses.

Expecting First Reply

This status means that the people have interacted with your messenger or your messenger bot and you haven't replied yet. In other words, this is a new conversation. It depends on how you set up your bot as to whether people will appear here.


This status means that you have picked up the conversation, and they have replied but you haven't answered back.


This status means that you have responded to, but not closed the conversation yet.

Chats & Calls Screen

From the screen below you can do a lot of things. 

You can access their CRM record, chat with them, use canned responses and emojis, the list goes on.

What I find most useful about this integration is that when I am replying from Bitrix24 CRM, the people see that it is me talking. (Or your employee, whatever the case may be) You can also pass the conversation on to another employee, and then they will see the new person speaking with them. In Bitrix24 you only see messages that are considered "replies." For instance, you won't see the bot messages in here.

In the two images below you will notice that the lead sees my name. One of the images is from the ManyChat live screen, and the other one is from the Business Manager Inbox. They all give you varying bits of information.

ManyChat Live Chat

From this page, you can see what they opted in through and the tags and sequences that have been thrown on them. In the video above I touch briefly on how to get this information into your Bitrix24 system with Zapier.

Business Manager Inbox

In Business Manager Inbox you get more information from their profile.

Once you have determined by your own business logic that they are a good lead, you can convert them into a contact, and/or deal and company inside of Bitrix24.

In the Bitrix24 training in my Academy, I teach you how you can add these people into one of your Facebook Audiences so that you can start advertising and re-marketing to them right away.

I am really enjoying this integration. Hubspot will have their integration in Q2. When that comes out, I'll cover that as well.

Next Steps

Try out Bitrix24 CRM

Check out my Academy if you prefer to do things on your own with a little guidance

Reach your below in Facebook Messenger if you want assistance.

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