Marni Melrose

Marketing Technologist and Data Scientist in Solana Beach, California

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I am interested in yoga, golf, crypto & swing trading stocks in my non-working hours.

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What clients say about me
excellent facilitator , excellent guide into new apps and programs to help organize my companies, a very facile mind combined with a lovely attitude make working with Marni a joy and a stimulating pleasure . She rocks , in other words.
James Chambers
Marni gave me much more than I expected! She not only helped me to achieve my goal but gave extra value in the form of a tool that will help me and my clients. Thanks Marni!
Jennifer Diehl
Great to work with, extrapolates what areas require attention, Gives appropriate and accurate way to move forward, and made me feel awesome and that it was possible to do all this online stuff as a pro. Thanks Marni, You are a Star!
Jennifer Randive