How to get 400% more engagement from Facebook Messenger

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Marni Melrose
January 22, 2018
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So I sent a simple message to people on our email list and the same message to people in our Facebook Messenger bot.

Sent broadcast email

.6% unsubscribed

22.9% opened

.002% Engaged.

Sent Broadcast to Facebook Messenger

Zero unsubscribes

67.15% open rate

10% engagement

That's 400% more engagement! If you wonder if your customers are on Facebook, trust me they are there, and they are more engaged than ever. You just need to be where they are.

Beginning of a huge shift

There are 20 Million pages using Facebook Messenger right now, and this is just the beginning of this huge shift according to Mikael Yang, the CEO of ManyChat.

I recently went to the Affiliate Summit West Conference in Las Vegas, and there were several people there that, like me, had shut down their email lists in favor of going all in on Facebook Messenger.

Now don't think for one second that you want to use Facebook Messenger as you do for email. It is a conversational medium, not a one-way blast channel. Using it the wrong way can have detrimental effects. However, there are several benefits to using it the right way.

How to avoid engagement baiting

Facebook is looking for conversations in this new channel. You might have heard a lot about engagement bait and Facebook changing the Algorithm.

Dan Gamito, head of growth at ManyChat shared with us today, January 22, 2018, that there is an easy way around this. 

Actually, provoke conversation, ask open-ended questions and tell them that you will be replying in Messenger. 

It is deceptively simple but if you use the Growth Comment tool in ManyChat this way will get you the results you want and won't get slammed for engagement baiting.

Benefits of building a Bot

Playing by the rules has many benefits, one of them is a lower CPC in Facebook ads. The nice thing about Facebook at the moment is that they want people in Facebook Messenger so there are so many things they are doing to incentivize you to build a bot. Email won't do that for you, will it? I am not saying don't collect their email address in the bot; you certainly want to. Facebook is notorious for changing the rules on you. However, while they are being benevolent, now is the time to take advantage of it.

I mentioned one of the other benefits in my last blog post on how to get your bot discovered by their Discovery Engine. While I was in Las Vegas, Paris's bot was suggested to me.

There has never been a better time to embrace Facebook Messenger Marketing. The cost of the automation tools to run a bot is a fraction of the cost of older email based marketing tools, but far more powerful. We use the ManyChat platform for our bot. At the beginning of 2017, they had a few thousand pages connected. Now there are 150,000 pages using the service. That's considerable growth don't you agree?

Facebook Messenger is your new Customer Communication Platform, and that is why it is so great to help in the growth world where we focus on Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral.

The state of Messenger Marketing in 2016 was that no one really knew about it but the early adopters. In 2017 Marketers on the edge, who listen to the marketing trends, like myself started to use it. Right now there are 250,000 users of ManyChat. In 2018 you'll see these hundreds of thousands turn into the millions.

Of the bots, us builders have seen 95% are underutilizing it. For instance, I hook my bot up to Bitrix24 which solves the current problem of multiple users and no way to tell when the bot and the humans are talking. My system solves both of those problems.

If you want to discuss messenger marketing more. Connect with me below.

Marni Melrose
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