7 Reasons Why Facebook Messenger will be #thenewinbox

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Marni Melrose
November 27, 2017
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Here are seven reasons why I think Facebook Messenger will be #thenewinbox

Above you will see a video of how I built mine. More on that below these 7 reasons.

  1. People's email inboxes are full of junk, and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  2. Facebook Messenger allows you to keep all of our correspondence together in one place.
  3. You can send silent notifications on the blog posts, so they aren't in your users face it's a gentle notification and the numbers don't lie. With email we are seeing 20-30% open rates with 4% click through rates. While with Facebook Messenger, we are seeing 80-100% open rates and 20% click through rates.
  4. It gives the user a chance to connect with the company on a more human level. Use the bot to direct people and get the initial info but then actually connect with them on a human level. I have seriously had 40% more conversations in the past month since using ManyChat and my Messenger Bot than the previous months use landing pages and emails.
  5. If you reply stop any time in messenger, you won't hear from the company again, in messenger. (You have way more control - everyone should use messenger) - Did you know people can sell your email address and before you know it you are on every list? No one can sell access to your messenger, so only the companies you truly want to communicate with are there. (Other than the Facebook ads that are there. - but those are ads they aren't people spamming your messenger like people spam your email.)
  6. No more viruses. Facebook keeps messenger virus-free.
  7. As a matter of fact, it is so secure that people are banking with Facebook Messenger now. You won't find that happening in your email anytime soon. Additionally you can make secure payments in Messenger.

In the video

From a business perspective, the bot can make your life a lot easier by collecting information for you and pre-qualifying people before you have a human talk to them. This way the operator of the bot can then connect on what is really important to this visitor.

Think Messenger is only for personal use? Think again. Look at all of these large companies using Messenger already.
Companies using Facebook Messenger

By using tags in the flow, you can segment your people so that you can then later communicate with them in a much more targeted manner that will interest them.

The bot can collect information so that when your visitor interacts with your website again, the bot already knows them and you don't have to ask them stupid questions with dumb forms because your bot already knows them and their answers. Wouldn't your visitors love that?

CORRECTION: In the video at 9:15 I say, 5 people, I meant to say, 500 people.

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