How To Get The Facebook Discovery Tab To Feature Your Bot

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Marni Melrose
December 6, 2017
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You can see why the attraction to Facebook Messenger SOURCE: ManyChat

Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming a new communication standard. There are over 1.6 billion people with Facebook messenger currently and with Facebook releasing their chat plugin for websites in November in 2018, you are going to see a massive landslide into Facebook Messenger as more and more people start using it to converse with businesses.

Why would a business want to use it for their customers?

1. Persistent identity

The persistent identity of the customer has always been a challenge. Often a customer will use multiple email addresses and stitching these together can be a technical nightmare.  From the customer's side, not having to identify yourself all the time makes it really seamless. It's one of the reasons social logins have been so pervasive. People want what is fast and easy.

2. A more personal experience

In the good old days, you went into a shop, and the shopkeepers knew you, they knew what you liked, and you felt special. It created strong loyalty. Those days are long gone, or so you would think. However, bots are bringing that personal experience back. Bots are more personal, they are speaking to you, It's not the same experience as a cold website or an ad in your face. It's a discussion about the things you like and an inquiry into if this company can provide you with what you are looking for - and it does this at scale. 

3. Control by the user


You might think in marketing that you don't want the user to be in control, but you do. You'll notice higher unsubscribes in messenger but conversely much higher engagement, and that's what drives sales; an engaged audience.

From the customer's perspective, no bot can start messaging you unless you start messaging it and you are in control all of the time. You can simply stop the bot any time you like; you can even re-engage with it when you want. 

(Trust me on this, the past few days this one woman comes in, uses one of my tutorial bots and unsubscribes then she'll opt in again to use another one of my tutorials and then she opts out again.) Spam will become a thing of the past. What that means for businesses though is that a subscriber is truly a lead and not just dead weight.

4. A single conversation with the company

Rather than having to hunt through emails, you will have a persistent single running conversation with the company. You know immediately where to go to contact the company that you want to converse with.

So how do you find these companies with bots that will make your life easier? That's where the Discovery tab comes in.

100,000 bots to be discovered

The FaceBook Discovery Tab

SOURCE: Facebook

At F8 2017 David Marcus said that they want to become the yellow pages of messaging. They are investing in Discovery; they have built a discover tab that will surface your bot. Yes, I said YOUR bot. 

Wouldn't you like Facebook to promote your company? Of course, you would!

There are a few things you need to do to get into the Discovery Tab and a few more to get featured.

" Providing increased exposure within a dedicated tab will be a good lure for those who've invested in bots, and could help them get ahead in the awareness stakes - which will be particularly relevant if bots ever take off as many expect." ~Social Media Today

Step 1 is to have a Facebook Bot

The first step is to have a bot in the first place.

If you don't have one, yet, click here and my bot will teach you how to install one on your website right now.

Step 2 Submit it for approval

Submit you bot for approval.

Get your bot approved

Step 3 Promote it and use it 

Facebook can see if people like your bot and it is of value to them. If you respond quickly and have good interaction with your users you are more likely to get ranked in the featured tab.

Facebook has filters and rankings to make sure that the only the best bots get featured.

Here are the specific things that Facebook says will make it more likely for you bot to be discovered.

  1. Low block and report rates for your bot. Can be found in Page → Insights -> Messages.
  2. High responsiveness rate. Can be seen from within Messenger thread with a page.
  3. Making good use of platform features, including the persistent menu and get started button.

Keep your bot in good standing

"The Messenger bots that appear in the featured section and in each category of the Discover tab is determined algorithmically based on a variety of factors." ~Facebook

Next Steps

If you need help with any of this, connect with me on messenger below.

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