Marni Melrose

Marni shares cool things that help you build and grow your business. She also writes for iBusiness magazine. Marni has been obsessed with technology ever since watching the 1984 advertisement for the Apple Macintosh.

I feel that I was put on this earth to help people to embrace technology. From a young age I had a knack for understanding technology and being able to communicate how to use it to non-technical people.

After getting my C programing degree from Devry University. I moved to New Zealand at the age of 19. I tried my hand at sales but my technical nature didn't suit it. Paul Dickenson of Apple Business Center gave me a shot at being an Apple Technician. I excelled, obtaining the highest scores of any man or woman in New Zealand for the Apple Service Certification. A career was born. After 2 years I was promoted to Service Manager with 2 employees.

As life would have it, I met an American man and fell in love. I dropped my career for 9 years to travel the world with him and build his Network Marketing business. We had a fabulous youth and I got to live in the USA, on Balboa Island in Newport Beach; I was introduced to SoCal lingo in Pacific Beach, San Diego; I got a taste of the world in London, England; and I shocked out in Bangkok, Thailand.

After our travels were over, we settled in San Diego, and I had my son. Apple announced that they were opening an Apple Store in San Diego, I was a natural pick to be a Genius. Unfortunately, though I loved the technical work, retail was not the gig for me and I gave them only a year. However, during that time, I took advantage of their education program and set myself up for my own business by becoming Apple Server Certified.

I started X-Genius which later became MacAngel. I was the world leading Daylite Implementor for 10 years. I was fortunate enough to win several awards during that time. 

When the cloud came and Daylite could not make the transition quickly enough I searched for a new partner. Citrix had just acquired Podio and was looking for aggressive partners like myself. They awarded me Preferred Partner Status, which was awesome because there were only ever 18 of us.

After Citrix folded Podio under Sharefile, I lost my way and my momentum for a while. Throughout the years, some of my competitors asked me to teach them my secrets so that they could compete with me. So I started to focus on the marketing side of things.

Today I am certified Growth Master and I love to look at a business from the start of the customer acquisition all the way to the positive review after a successfully completed project or transaction. Because of my many years of experience, I am able to easily see what stops a company from growing successfully and because of my extensive experience in marketing and workflow automation, I can usually fix it and help them scale.